Farm Services

We provide the following services

Farm Dining

We offer delicious pop up meals with all locally sourced ingredients.


Vegetable growing, foraging and kombucha-brewing workshops with our team of botanist-farmers!

Farmers Market

We have a stall every month in the Huntly famers market! Read more!

Wantonwells farm is also home to Beas Botanicals and the Shevok Burn Community Interest Company.


Read about our activities!

Radical new chicken

What a hairstyle

Edible food!

Tis the season

Monthly Vegetables!

We sell vegetables every month in Huntly!

What a sheep!

There goes a sheep. My what a fellow!

Fallen Cloud!

A cloud fell from the sky


History of the farm.

  • 1990-1994

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We bought the farm and started farming! Cattle and sheep roamed the land.

  • 1994-2018

    Reforesting Scotland!

    Rosie, an avid botanist and forester, decided to put most of the farm into the reforesting Scotland scheme, developing mixed woodland for ecological purposes and timer areas.

  • 2018

    Starting the farm-within-a-farm.

    Beatrice moved home to start making using of the remaining arable land on the farm.

  • 2021

    Phase Two Expansion

    Starting selling vegetables at the Huntly market.

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Our Amazing Team

Beatrice Fettes

Head Farmer

Rosie Wilson-Leagas

Chief Forager

Fergus Fettes

Backend Engineer/Hydrogeologist

Experts in our domains.

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